10 Questions to Ask a Web Designer

A Web Designer [http://www.rupizmedia.com/web-site-design] will understand the technical aspects of the website – including how HTML, keywords, Meta tags, CSS, Java Script, Flash, images, and more, come together to form an effective website, and how the user-friendly interface, enable a visitor to find what he or she is looking for on the website.

A website needs to be technically sound in order to fulfill the specifications by the customer, the website has a specific functionality to handle and fulfill the customer requirements. When it comes to inputting your technical specification for your webdesigner, here are some questions to be collected and attended to.

1. What's the Ecommerce requirement?This is a very important question, nowadays, when there is a tremendous interest on e-commerce. What type of requirements in this regard?

2. Does the Web Designer need to understand the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?This is a very important question. SEO is an important factor for the functionality of website to be able to get a good position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), while considering the Google, MSN and Yahoo strategies. So, it's better to have a clear understanding of SEO.

3. What are the Objectives of the Website and what does the business some want to achieve through Ecommerce?It's better to clear the objectives of the website. Is the website related to selling, or is it designed to satisfy the needs of the customer.

4. What are the Handy URL's?After the objectives have been clearly defined, the best URL's will be identified, particularly the functional and user-friendly URL's.

5. What are the Site Map and Site Map MacrosDetermine the need and specification for Site Map and Site Map Macros and ensure that the path is dependent.

6. What is the Customization of Templates?What is the Customization of Templates? Does the designer use a template, or he customizes the templates? The answer to this particular requirements is the advantage or disadvantage for which you attract or lose.

7. What is the Starting Dime?If the technologies used in the website is developed according to the requirements and the industry standard, it is necessary to trace the budgets and estimate for the project from beginning to end. Such an authored report will be in-hand to get an exact estimate of the work done according to industry standard.

8. What is the Daily Data Entry Work?This is a very important requirement. The amount of customer work would depend upon the anticipated time between the initial launch of the website and the data entry work. If the data entry work is low, then the website is expected to attract lesser visitors/customers and will have to incur higher expenses.

9. What is the Data Fourthright?In the initial stages it's the information of the target audience, which has to be considered in choosing which feature(s) in the website are not in competition with the competitors. For this reason you'll have to identify the model you want before making any decisions.

10. Is there an Electronic Consultation?It's a must, so that the client, can work with the Web designing company, in the development of the website. This consultation has to be free, by the web designing company, and is normally done by the web design and development firm.

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