Bad Habits That Affect the Immune System

When it comes to infectious diseases, the very first line of defense is the immune system. immune system is your personal army and its job is to stop the invasion of disease by neutralizing the organism and discarding of the waste. if the infectious organism starts its attack, then the immune system starts the process of elimination of the infection. so, in order to keep the viral attack at bay, be sure to keep your immune system strong and fully functional.

Many bad habits have an effect on the immune system. Smoking is a very common bad habit that affects your immune system because it prevents the lungs from functioning as air filters. apart from its negative effects such as those caused by passive smoking, smoking increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Sitting or standing for a long period of time is also bad for your immunity. stretch your limbs and keep moving those body parts that have been reduced to static machine boring. If you have been spending five continuous hours of the day in front of the computer, then avoid going out of the house. kneel down, bow down to avoid heavy lifting and place your cannot reach things at arm’s length while standing.

Eat healthy foods. A healthy body produces healthy antibodies. Antibodies are produced by the white blood cells which are present in the blood and perform the necessary functions of the immune system. They determine whether the body is sick or has been well nourished.

Taking zinc supplements is considered to be very important for your strong immunity. Zinc improves the function of your immune system by enabling your white blood cells to produce extra antibodies. It also helps in the proper function and production of you antibodies. Vitamin B-12 is also important for your immunity. Besides, it prevents you from feeling tired and less active.

Eat foods that contain beta carotene. This is a prevention that prevents you from feeling worse deterioration of your lungs and other tissues of your body. It encourages the formation of interferon in your body. Interferon is produced by cells in your body when a virus attacks them. It instigates a powerful immune response.

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Cut off your daily dose of preservatives, fast food and fried foods. Avoiding this will allow your body to generate and release inflammed cells and tissues. These improper foods prevent the white blood cells from functioning properly.

Stop your pharmaceutical habits. Your immune system is formed with the help of immune system suppressors. Excessive use of prescription drugs and antibiotics reduces your body’s capacity to produce antibodies.

as much as possible avoid tosurities such as alcohol and processed foods. Even though these foods are your source of energy, their yummy appearance may fool you.

Drink lots of water. Water doesn’t only keep you hydrated but also helps your cells to generate more power.

Add fresh salad ingredients to your meal every day. Salad is a complete source of minerals and vitamins which are necessary for your health.

Repair your relationship with God

Meditation and prayer can help your unnecessary stress recover and can protect your immune system.

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