The Urban Fashion and the chic

Follow the urban fashion and the chic fashion over the last few years have seen a great fashion in the streets with all the trendy outfits. However, we can easily find the signs of urban fashion and the street fashion trends on many streets in Amsterdam. So if you want to dress according to those trends, you can also choose to shop for your outfits at our online store, Studio Vuitton Tapestry.

Thanks to the creativity, talent and great spirit of our Dutch people, we can easily occupy ourselves with the make-over necessary in order to have a good time life. Therefore, it is necessary for us to refresh ourselves with the trendy designs available in the streets and in the fashion capitals of the world. So if you feel bored with the traditional outfits and want to have a change in your outlook, it is advisable for you to select for a new avatar. Studio Vuitton Tapestry can smile on you and give you such a cool look to enlighten your attire.

Due to the brands that we have been able to identify with the uniqueness and the tradition that goes behind them, these designs are big part of our Dutch culture as well as a part of our fashion outfits. It is strange how we were able to identify so easily with these brands and designs. The tapping into the rich heritage is not at all a difficult thing to do. Thanks to the comprehensive studies that have been carried out by some of the best scholars in this field of expertise, we were able to establish that these identification foundations play a very specific role to maintain our identities for a unique culture.

Not only that, these identity foundations are built upon historical versions and mythologies. This is in particularella where we were able to identify so easily the myths and sagas that were associated with some of the great ethnic traditions of our country. Examples of such vestiges include the vestige kite and its attributes, gelding and identity goddess, as well as the legend of Dutch lipstick and so on. These are the mainstream cultural stories that go along with the rich heritage that needs to be protected and preserved at all times.

When it comes to establishing the special relationship between these old traditions and our culture, it is vital that we maintain a healthy distinction between the ourselves and the foreign cultures. This is the biggest challenge that we have to deal with at all times. At the same time, it is also the biggest opportunity that we have to integrate with the other societies, both in Europe and the rest of the world.

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